In Other News, VCRs Were Produced Up Until A Year Ago

When was the last time you used a video cassette tape? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago? Well, chances are that you’ve stopped using VCRs as soon as DVDs appeared twenty years ago, right? One information we stumbled upon a few days ago though, left us speechless: VCRs were produced up until July 2016!

In a world of Netflix and cloud storage, who would have thought that VRCs would still be produced, huh? Well, they were; up until a year ago. Funai Electric, the last manufacturer of VCRs announced that as of July 2016, the production line would stop due to a shrinking market and the difficulty of finding parts.

Well, i guess “shrinking market” is a way to put it but i think that the most appropriate term is the… “non-existing” market? I mean, we all feel nostalgic about VCRs and we hate saying goodbye to an old friend but, who on earth was buying them in 2016 for goodness sake?

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Photo: InspiredImages / Pixabay
Main Article Photo: Houston Chronicle
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