These Are The Four Weird Tasks Required To Become A ‘War Chief’

As in every year, in 2009, former US President Barack Obama named 16 Medal of Freedom recipients. The military award was given to a native American named Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow, the last Plains Indian war chief, an accomplishment he achieved during World War II. But how does someone become a “war chief”?

Well, as it turns out, you have to complete four (4) weird war tasks:

  • Touch an enemy without killing him
  • Take an enemy’s weapon
  • Lead a war party
  • Steal an enemy’s horse (he stole 50 from the SS)

The first two tasks were accomplished in a single incident. When turning a corner he found himself face to face with a German soldier. After disarming him (but not killing him) he took his weapon. A few months later, he led a successful war party and stole 50 Nazi SS horses from a German camp thus becoming the last war chief of the Crow tribe.

Joseph Medicine Crow died in 2016. He was 102.

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Main Article Photos: DoD News / Flickr
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Source: President Obama Names Medal of Freedom RecipientsJoe Medicine Crow | War songs of the Plains

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