The 5 Most Weird Things Ever Sold On eBay

Since its beginnings in 1995, a lot of bizarre stuff have been sold (or at least attempted to be sold) on eBay. Here’s a small sample of the 5 most weird ones:

5. Britney Spear’s Hair


After Britney Spears went on one of her rants resulting in her all of her hair being cut off, the salon put her hair on eBay in hopes of making a quick fortune. However, due to eBay’s policy, this person’s hopes in making a quick buck was -cut- short!
Starting Bid: $1,000,000
Was it sold? No, because it violated eBay’s policies.


4. F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet


The owner of the plane had purchased it from a scrap yard and had offered to have the plane restored for a Buy It Now price of $9,000,000. The auction stated that the new owner could expect to pay roughly $40,000 a month for just 2 -3 hours of flight time due to the fuel consumption, up-keep, and other mandatory expenses.  After hearing of the auction, the FBI notified the seller that he could only sell the plane to an American citizen residing in the United States. Furthermore, the plane could not leave U.S. airspace either.  The auction ended without a winning bidder.
Starting Bid: $1,000,000
Was it sold? No. (the article continues after the ad)


3. New Zealand


A citizen of Autralia attempted to sell the country of New Zealand in May 2006.  The bid had reached $3000 before it was taken down due to a violation of eBay’s policy.  I guess you can’t sell a country without the consent of its’ people.
Starting Bid: $0.01 AUD
Was it sold? No, because it violated eBay’s policies.


2. Original Hollywood sign


In November 2005, the original 1923 Hollywood sign was sold on eBay.  The current owner wanted to sell it because he says that he is to busy working on other projects and more importantly wanted to use the proceeds to finance a Hollywood project that he currently has in the works.
Starting Bid: $300,000
Was it sold? Yes, $450,400.


1. Group of four men from Australia to spend the weekend with the promise of “beer, snacks, and a [heck] of a lot of laughs.”


Four guys attempted successfully to auction themselves off on eBay for one heck of a weekend.  The men guaranteed that fun, laughs, and beer would all be a part of the unique weekend.  The auction ended in a $1,300AU bid.
Starting Bid: $0.01 AU
Was it sold? Yes, $1,300.

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