What Do Those White Spots On Your Fingernails Mean?

From time to time, all of us have had those little white spots on our nails. And even though many theories have been evolved that link these milk spots to health issues, the truth is that they are not to be afraid of.

Contrary to popular belief, white spots on fingernails are not a sign of excess or deficiency of calcium or zinc, or other vitamins in the diet. They’re actually called leukonychia (from Greek words “leuko” meaning white and “nychi” meaning nail) and are completely harmless. They are most commonly caused by minor injuries that occur while the nail is growing or they could be developed due to an allergic reaction to a nail polish. They are most likely found on the nail matrix (the part of the nail plate that’s underneath the cuticle and under the skin) but they can appear on other parts of the nail as well.

The spots are temporary and grow along with the nail and sometimes they can take 7-8 months for Leukonychia to be completely gone.

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