The Bizarre Building In Alaska That Hosts All Of The City’s Permanent Residents

Whittier is a small, remote city in Alaska, USA. But this is not your standard, cute little town with smoke coming out of chimneys. This city is different in many ways.

First of all, there are only two ways to get there and both of them are not very reliable. The first one is by sea but with the 60mph winds, not everyday is a good day for sailing to Whittier. The other one is by car, but the long, one-lane tunnel that goes through the mountains only works in daytime.

The most bizarre thing about this city though is the fact that all of its 200 permanent residents live under own roof; in the Begich Towers. In fact, the towers, are the actual city: (the article continues after the ad)

whittier alaska one building
Reed Young/The California Sunday Magazine

In there you can find a convenience store, a clinic, a school, a pharmacy, everything a small town needs. This is something done intentionally so residents can avoid exiting the building and facing the rough winter. Even the town’s one and only bed and breakfast is located at the top two floors of the building.

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Photo: Reed Young/The California Sunday Magazine

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