Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Cats are weird animals. It’s the only animal that was Self-Domesticated So We Can Now Have Them As Pets, the only animal whose Water Shouldn’t Be Placed Next To Its Food and the animal that, astonishingly, Always Land On Its Feet.

Well, today we look at yet another cat’s peculiarity: why do they hate water?

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There are several reasons as to why cats dislike water so much, both biological and psychological:

  • Cat’s evolution: Water never was a big part of cat’s evolution. The domesticated cats we now have as pets are descendants of felines that used to live in dry arid areas. Because of that, they never learned how to swim because they didn’t have to. That being said, there are some species, such as the Turkish Van, that grew up in watery areas and love swimming and playing in the water.
  • Cat’s fur: By using water on a cat, its fur becomes waterlogged and heavy, despite the fact that its top layer is water-resistant to a degree. This extra weight makes the cat feel uncomfortable.
  • Sensitivity to smells: We all know how fastidious cats are. They usually spend a lot of their time just cleaning themselves and they are not big fans of anything that doesn’t smell “normal” on their coat. Because sometimes tap water has chemicals, its odor is quite unpleasant to cats and, in their eyes, bath creates more work for them.
  • Situation control: Cats love controlling their own situations and usually, hate it when you interfere. In addition, they are quite finicky about their own appearance and do a great job of bathing themselves – they don’t need you to supplement for them. Simply said, unless it’s their idea, they don’t want you to spritz them down with water or put them into the bathtub.
  • Fear: Some cats don’t like water because of fear. If you think of it, most cat pets have never experienced water since people are protecting them from rainstorms. Therefore, when you soak them in water, they probably have a fear reaction.

Interesting indeed!

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Photo: TexasDarkHorse / Flickr
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