Here’s Why Some Foods Explode In The Microwave

We’ve all been there: placing the food into the microwave oven to warm it up only to hear that awful, exploding sound that makes your beloved machine look like a bombed scenery.

But why is that? Why do some foods explode in the microwave while others don’t?

Well, because all I’m A Useless Info Junkie readers should now the answer to this kind of questions, here’s how it goes. (the article continues after the ad)

To warm up food, microwave ovens use microwave radiation. By the way, regardless of what your grandma told you, this form of electromagnetic radiation is actually harmless. Back to the topic. While traditional ovens heat food by transferring heat from the outside to the inside, microwaves penetrate deeply and therefore, cook food faster on the inside.

Because some foods, such as eggs or potatoes, have high water content, the heat gets trapped internally which causes the water to expand and turn to steam. Without a way to escape, the internal heat caused by the steam builds up until the food explodes.

This is why, we often get advised to poke holes in potatoes as well as in those plastic covers of frozen foods before placing them to the microwave oven to cook them – we basically create an escape route for all that steam.

In case you’ve been wondering, for oatmeal or thick sauces, the best way to dissipate the steam and prevent messy splatters is by stirring frequently.

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Photo: Your Best Digs / Flickr
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
Sources: Why Do Some Foods Explode in the Microwave? | Why food explodes in your microwave (and how to prevent it)

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