Research Finally Reveals Why Eggs Are Egg-Shaped And It All Has To Do With Flying Habits

Why are eggs… egg-shaped? A question that may sound silly, but it’s one that has puzzled people for thousands of years. Even Aristotle himself was perplexed and tried to answer this question in his 4th century BC text called “History of Animals”. The Greek philosopher concluded that if the chick inside the egg was female, then the pointed end would be sharper.

Of course, we’ve come a long way since the 4th century, but no credible answer has been given as to why eggs are shaped the way they are. Up until now.

A new research that was published in Science Magazine finally sheds light into the egg-shape mystery. (the article continues after the ad)

First of all, here’s a surprising fact: the scientists analyzed hundreds of birds eggs from different species and concluded that most eggs are not egg-shaped. In fact, the most common shape is actually more pointed than that of a chicken’s egg. But what defines the shape of an egg?

After processing the data, scientists found the links they were looking for: an egg’s length is related to the bird’s body size, while its shape, correlates to flying habits – the stronger the flight, the more asymmetrical the eggs. And here’s why.

Because birds have a streamlined body plan, their organs are squashed and minimized so they fit into the body. In order to get the most out of their eggs, strong flying birds make asymmetrical or elliptical eggs so they have more volume than perfectly spherical eggs.

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