Why Is It Called ‘House’ Music?

As a kid i grew up listening to rock and metal music. When i was in high school i was mostly into hip-hop and in my university years, i was again into rock and metal (mostly metal to be honest).

Nowadays, i enjoy listening to house music more than any other kind of music and I especially like ‘deep house’, which is a lower bpm and soulful sub-genre of house. You know, it’s that kind of music you can listen to for hours when working on your laptop. In fact, as i’m writing these words, i’m listening to the remarkable masterpiece called Llorando by David August (you most definitely need to check this guy out).

Anyway, just like the time we talked about The Real Reason Why ‘Rock And Roll’ Music Is Called ‘Rock And Roll’, the question here is simple: why do we call it house music? Well, because all of you I’m A Useless Info Junkie readers out there need to know the answer to this kind of stuff, here’s how it goes. (the article continues after the ad)

To put it simple, house music got its name from the club it originated back in the early 1980s – the legendary ‘The Warehouse’ club in Chicago. You see, the resident DJ of the club at the time, a guy named Frankie Knuckles whom you might know from The Whistle Song, started experimenting with mixing old disco classics with soul, jazz and new Eurobeat pop samples. As this kind of music was only played at the Warehouse club at the time, it became synonymous with the club it self even though it didn’t have a name yet:

Frankie Knuckles aka “The Godfather of House”
Photo: Wikimedia

When the club closed its doors in 1983, Knuckles opened up a new club called ‘The Power Plant’. As more DJs started experimenting with similar sounds, including Alan King, Larry Levan and Robert Williams, the music got popular and they had to give it a name. Therefore, they named it after the club it was originated – house music form the Warehouse club. Mr. Frankie Knuckles was named “the Godfather of House”:

Photo: Wikimedia

Now you know!

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Photo: Anthony Mooney / Wikimedia
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
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