New Research Reveals The Real Reason Why Vincent Van Gogh Chopped Off His Own Ear

Van Gogh’s decision to chop off his own ear is a story that always fascinates people. Why would anyone do that to himself?

For years, historians attributed the incident purely to Van Gogh’s depression and “acute mania with generalised delirium” diagnosis. However, a new research sheds light on what may have triggered such an act.

In his book Studio of the South (Get it from Amazon), author Martin Bailey suggests that the real reason Van Gogh cut off his ear was the news that his brother, Theo, got engaged: (the article continues after the ad)

“Just a few hours before Van Gogh cut his ear he received a letter from Paris. This brought news that his brother had met Johanna (Jo) Bonger, a young Dutch woman visiting Paris, and within days they had decided to marry.”

“Vincent feared that he would then ‘lose’ Theo, his closest companion.”

But the truth is that Theo provided much more than just emotional support to his brother Vincent – he was the main financial source that allowed Van Gogh to devote his life to art. No Theo, meant no money:

“He was equally worried that his brother might withdraw the financial support which had enabled him to devote his life to art.”

When Theo visited Vincent in hospital on Christmas Day, he confirmed that he already knew about the engagement.

You see, even world famous artists can get really frustrated when that financial aid is threatened.

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Photo: Wikimedia
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Sources: New research suggests why Van Gogh really chopped off his own ear | The real reason Van Gogh cut off his ear, according to an expert

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