The Brutal Admission Price For A Zoo In The 18th Century England

The past has often proved to be extremely brutal to animals – and this was one of those times.

Since the 13th century, Tower Menagerie in London was the biggest zoo of its time, with the most prominent animal collection. It included many ‘exotic’ animals such as lions, leopards, bears, elephants – almost every animal on the planet. Keeping in mind that during those times people weren’t familiar with animals from other countries, on can easily understand that a zoo like that was a big deal.

During the 18th century, the price of admission at the Tower Menagerie was three half-pence. But what if you couldn’t afford the admission fee? The zoo officials found an alternative method of payment: people could bring in their dogs or cats… to be fed to the lions.


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Photos: EMGN, aspca
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