5 Apple Designs That Were Clearly Inspired By Braun Products

We all praise Apple’s minimalist design, but decades before Sir. Jonathan Ive, there was a man called Dieter Rams who was a pioneer in industrial minimalism.

Photo: Braun

Born in 1932, Dieter Rams was the head of Braun’s design department. He is considered the father of industrial minimalism and, as you can see from the pictures below, he clearly was a great inspiration for Apple. 

1. Braun LE1 speaker (1959) Vs Apple iMac (2009)


2. Braun T1000 radio (1962) Vs Apple Power Mac G5 (2003)

Closeup picture:

3. Braun T3 pocket radio (1963) Vs Apple iPod (2001)

4. Braun Infrared Emitter (1974) Vs Apple iSight camer (2003)


5. Braun ET44 calculator (1977) Vs Apple iPhone calculator (2007)

Here’s a short, interesting video from the documentary Objectified in which both Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ive talk about design:

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Photos: Creative Commons, Amazon, Cult of Mac
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie

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