The Part Of KFC’s Story They Don’t Want You To Know

After selling KFC in 1964, the fried chicken’s founder, Colonel Sanders, became the brand ambassador of the company. But, after the parent company Heublein Inc. decided to change the famous chicken gravy for cost reduction reasons, Colonel Sanders disliked the new gravy so much, he called it “wallpaper taste” and went on to sue the company for misuse of his image in promoting products he had developed.

He even opened a competitor restaurant called “Claudia Sanders – The Colonel’s Lady” that sold fried chicken with the original gravy but then legal proceedings were taken against him by Heublein Inc.! They eventually came to an agreement and both law suits were removed and the new restaurant was sold.

So now you know: the gravy they now serve at KFC is not the original Colonal Sander’s gravy, it’s the good old “wallpaper taste” gravy!

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Photo: Tasha / Flickr

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