The World Record For Most Alternative Control Methods Used To Complete ‘Dark Souls’

Action RPG ‘Dark Souls’ is definitely one of the hardest video games ever out there. It requires insane precision and flawless strategy to complete but, this hasn’t stopped Benjamin Gwin) (aka “bearzly”) from tackling it with the most bizarre control methods he could thought of.

Can you imagine controlling your character with a dancemat or a steering wheel? Well, Gwin completed the game using a total of 9 (!) different alternative control methods and now he’s the proud owner of a Guinness World Record.

The list includes:
– Rock Band piano
– Rock Band drum kit
– Rock Band guitar peripheral
– Donkey Konga bongo drum
– Dancemat
– Microphone (using voice control only)
– Steering wheel
– Wiimote
– Xbox 360 pad, albeit played with one finger (the article continues after the ad)

Check out how he did it on the official Guinness World Records video:

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Photos: Guinness World Records, dfiles
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie

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