Do You Really Think Electric Cars Are Greener Than Gas?

Nowadays there is a great sensation for electric cars. But should you jump on to the ‘Tesla’ bandwagon or wait a bit? Yes, there are 400.000 pre-orders but as it turns out, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should wait.

How come electric cars be bad?

Well, electric cars like Tesla are the sexy new thing. And a big part of their appeal is that car companies have marketed them as greener alternative to ordinary cars. OK, electric cars are more energy efficient than gas cars but where do you think that energy comes from? Of course, it comes form nature. If you buy an electric car today, you’re just shifting your fuel source from the gas pump to a power plant. Those power plants burn coal and driving an electric car can actually put more CO2 into the air than a hybrid. According to one study, even if a third of all drivers switch to electric cars, the carbon savings could be tiny. (the article continues after the ad)

But that’s just right now. Soon all electricity will come from solar, wind and water but that dream is a long way off. In fact, your new Tesla will probably break down before that happens and in the meantime, you’re going to be pumping out a ton of CO2 from everything that goes into just making the car. Yes, you’ve read that right, even making an electric car has a heavier effect on the environment. Their batteries are made of rare metals that take intensive mining. If we take that into consideration and if we all ditched our trusty old cars in favor of brand new electrics, we’d actually en up increasing our carbon footprint.

So what you can do?

Well, if you really want to help the environment, the best thing you can do is to reduce the amount you drive and drive your current car as long as possible provided it’s reasonably efficient. If you absolutely need to buy a new one, go ahead and buy yourself a small, used hybrid car as this way you’ll save the environment from the manufacturing carbon footprint. 

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Source: Electric Cars Aren’t As Green As You ThinkElectric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean

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