Why Is London’s Metropolitan Police Named ‘Scotland Yard’?

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) was formed in 1829 by the home secretary, Sir Robert Peel (and that’s why policemen in the UK are often called ‘bobbies’ or ‘peelers’). Over the years, MPS has been associated with smart policing and with perfect record of crime solving. Because of that, many fictional MPS detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes were often portrayed as “super-humans”. But have you ever wondered why MPS is named ‘Scotland Yard’? What’s so Scottish about it?

Well, as it turns out, the name Scotland Yard (now known as ‘New Scotland Yard’) does not have a secret meaning whatsoever nor does it derive out of great inspiration. As in the case of Wall Street, the name Scotland Yard was given to MPS because their original headquarters were based on Whitehall, with an entrance on the street Great Scotland Yard.

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But why is the street called Great Scotland Yard?

The street is called that way because it stood on the site that once was a medieval palace that housed the Scottish royalty when they were visiting London, hence the name Great Scotland Yard!

Now you know!

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