The Belgian Chef That Gave Back His Michelin Star

Michelin stars are the oscars of the fine dining world. For most chefs, earning a Michelin star is a lifetime achievement. But not for this Belgian guy.

Following the announcement of Michelin’s 2014 stars, one Belgium chef decided to give his star back. Frederick Dhooge of ‘t Huis van Lede revealed on the restaurant’s Facebook page that he did not want his Michelin star because there are customers who aren’t interested in simple food from a Michelin starred restaurant.

Dhooghe explained his decision to Het Laatste Nieuws: “I want to be free in my kitchen. I want to have fried chicken served without them saying that ‘much less’ is a star thing.” (the article continues after the ad)

Even though this may seem strange to us, Dhooghe is actually not the first chef to give back his Michelin in an effort to focus on simpler fare. In 2011, Le Lisita, a fine dining French restaurant renounced their start and they were transformed into a brasserie.

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