The Time A Japanese Interpreter Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter By Translating Jimmy Carter

Being an interpreter is a difficult job. Sometimes, even the most experienced ones, may find themselves in an awkward situation, not knowing exactly how to deliver what’s being said.

Well, this is exactly what happened when a Japanese interpreter had to translate a Jimmy Carter’s joke.

Here’s the story. (the article continues after the ad)

Back in 1981, while he was preparing to start his speech at a Japanese college, Jimmy Carter had the idea of starting with a joke – you know, just to break the ice. And so he did. The surprising thing is that the interpreter, who told the joke way quicker than Carter, managed to get the entire audience burst into laughter.

When they got backstage, Jimmy Carter, who was impressed with the interpreter’s skills, asked him how he managed to get such a laugh. Eventually, after trying to avoid the question several times, the interpreter admitted to the President that he had just said, “President Carter told a funny story. Everyone must laugh.” 

Here’s the story from Jimmy Carter himself:

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Photos: ABC News, Public Domain

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