KitKat Reveals Secret – What’s That Delicious ‘Chocolayer’ Between The Crunchy Wafers?

We all love it, but have you ever wondered what’s that wonderful, tasty filling between the crunchy wafers of a KitKat?

Next time you snap a finger, take a peek inside. You will notice that it’s not the same colour as the deep brown chocolate. So what is it?

Well, you may be surprised to hear, that the “chocolayer” between the KitKat wafers is actually… smashed-up KitKats! (the article continues after the ad)

Photo: KitKat

The reason is that not all of the KitKats produced are up to the standards.

Technicians from the quality control remove any KitKats that are deemed to be below par. These imperfect chocolates are then ground up into a fine paste which ends up being the filling you find between the wafers.

While this results in a delicious end product, it does beg the question — what did the first ever KitKat contain?

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