Mexico’s Awesome Hidden Beach That’s Completely Invisible From The Outside (And How To Get There)

Who doesn’t love small, isolated beaches with white sand and crystal clear water? Well, this is one of the best ones. In the Marietas islands in Mexico, there’s a super cool hidden beach that’s completely invisible from the outside and you can only get there by swimming into a cave or by helicopter!

The beach is basically a hole in the rockery Marietas islands which has been created by the bombings of the Mexican military in the 1900s. Because Marietas islands were completely uninhabited, they were an ideal site for the Mexican government to test their weapons and heavy artillery. This led to the creation of many caves and the now famous hidden beach Playa del amor (literally the Beach of Love) or just Playa Escondida (the Hidden Beach). In the 1960s, the bombings stopped allowing the islands to recover their natural beauty and, in 2005, they were named a National Park.

But how do you get there since it’s completely invisible? (the article continues after the ad)

There are basically two ways to reach Marietas islands, either swimming into a cave or take a helicopter ride that will drop you right into the beach. You can do that by first visiting the popular Puerto Vallarta or, for a much shorter ride, the Punta de Mita:

Photo: Feather and the Wind

From there you can take a helicopter ride to Marietas islands or, for a better and more affordable experience, you can either take a tour boat or hire a small fishing boat. With a boat, it will take you about an hour from Puerto Vallarta or 15 minutes from Punta de Mita.

After you reach the Marietas islands, the boat will drop you in front of the cage. Just swim (or take a kayak) to get into the cave and voila, you’ve reached the hidden beach: 

Photo: Google Maps, I’m A Useless Info Junkie

The beach is a wonderful, isolated place when in low season, but if you happen to go there during high season (winter months), expect to share the beach with a lot of tourists.

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Main Article Photos: Christian Frausto Bernal / Wikimedia, Google Maps
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
Source: Hidden Beach – MexicoThe Best Way To Do Las Islas Marietas On A Budget

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