Why The Catholic Church Have Been Telling Us That Mary Magdalene Was A Prostitute?

One of Christianity’s biggest misconceptions was that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. Even today, there are people who still believe this story. But have you ever wondered, how did this myth begin?

Well, it was just a mistake.

During the 6th Century, Pope Gregory the Great, confused Mary Magdalene with two other women from the Bible: Mary, the sister of Martha and the unnamed sinner from Luke’s gospel, both of whom washed Jesus’ feet with their hair. Because the latter one was a prostitute, Mary Magdalene was mistakenly thought to be a prostitute. (the article continues after the ad)

The Catholic Church understood their mistake later on and declared that Mary Magdalene was not the penitent sinner, but this was not until 1969.

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Photo: Antiveduto Gramatica – Mary Magdalene at the Tomb

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