Why The Military Salute Is Made This Way?

We all know the military salute but have you ever wondered where does it come from?

Well, even though there is no 100% reliable source on the origin of the military salute, these are the 2 dominant theories:

1) The first theory dates back to the Medieval ages. When approaching the king, knights had to lift their face shield (hemlet visor) so that they could be recognised. Their hands were moving in a similar way to the modern salute so it’s believed that the military salute originates from there. (the article continues after the ad)

2) The second theory is actually based on the replacement of the metal helmet. During the 18th century, soldiers abandoned their metal helmets and wore hats similar to those of civilians. And, just like civilians, they had to raise their hats when they were greeting a superior. Grenadiers were wearing tall, conical hats that were held in place with secure chinstraps and were difficult to raise while greeting. That’s why it is believed that men began to merely touch their hats as if intending to raise them, hence, the military salute.

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Photo: Creative Commons

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