Who Was “The Man Who Never Was” That Made It Possible For The Allies To Invade Sicily?

The Man Who Never Was was a British Major whose body was found with papers detailing an upcoming attack against the Nazis in Greece and Sardinia. However, the Major was no major. He was a homeless man whose body was intentionally planted with these fake documents so the Allies could attack Sicily without any resistance. It was the greatest deception in modern military.

Here’s the story.

On April 30, 1943, the body of a high rank British Royal Marine was found drifting off the coast of Huelva, Spain. Attached to the body was a locked briefcase that contained numerous classified letters. The most precious of them was a top-secret letter identifying Greece and Sardinia as the next territories from which invasions would have been made to infiltrate the German lines. (the article continues after the ad)

Due to their significance, copies of these documents were quickly delivered to Hitler himself. In just a few days, Hitler moved a great amount of his forces to fortify and defend the German positions in Sardinia, Corsica and Greece. In addition, he ordered 2 additional Panzer (armoured tanks) divisions to prepare to move from Russia to Greece.

While the Germans were distracted, the Allies stormed into Sicily without finding almost any resistance from German and Italian defenders. The operation was a success and it was all thanks to this man; the man who never existed.

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