This Is How Salvador Dali Cleverly Avoided Paying In Restaurants

Either you like his work or not, one’s thing for sure: Salvador Dali was a clever guy who knew how to take advantage of his publicity. And oh boy, he loved money.

Because of his excessive love for money, it is said that during his later years, he developed some… strange ways in order to keep his fortune intact. One of them, was his clever way of avoiding to pay at restaurants.

Here’s how he did it. (the article continues after the ad)

When having a party out at a restaurant with his friends or students, Dali would write a check for the entire meal. But, as the waiter was watching, he would quickly make a drawing at the back of his check. You see, he knew the owner would not want to cash the checks as the drawings would be much too valuable. 

This way Dali would avoid to pay a large bill but still look generous to his friends.


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Photo: ercansebat / deviantart,

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