Food Won’t Taste The Same By The Time You Get 60

It’s sad but unfortunately, it’s true: according to scientists by the time we get sixty, we will lose half of our taste. Here’s the reason why this happens.

Our sense of taste is mainly affected by three factors:
– Our taste buds
– Our nose’s sensor cells
– The nerves that carry the signals to the brain

As we get older, we lose half of our 9,000 tongue’s taste buds and there is a significant decrease in our nose’s sensor cells that detect aromas. Cells of course, are routinely dying out and replaced but, in older people, the replacement process is way too slow. (the article continues after the ad)

Furthermore, there are some declines in the nerves responsible of carrying the smell signals to the brain. This is why by the time we get 60, almost half of our taste is gone!

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Photo: Bill Branson / National Cancer Institute

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