The Time Burger King Was Giving Away Free Whoppers But You Had To Do Something Cheesy To Get One

How far would you go to get a free hamburger? Well, if you wanted a free Whopper from Burger King, you would have to go a bit far to get one; unfriend 10 friends on Facebook and let them know that you “sold” their friendship for a free whopper!

Sound’s weird, huh? Well, it was all part on a marketing campaign.

Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free Whopper. But this act was not being done in the shadow. By using the Whopper Sacrifice application, your friend would not only get notified for getting unfriended, they would receive a message telling them that their friendship was less valuable than a Whopper!

Would you do it?

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Photos: Forbes