The Part Of Disney’s Story They Don’t Want You To Know

It is pretty much widely known that Walt Disney was a heavy smoker. People close to him report that he was smoking three packs of cigarettes a day. But have you ever seen a picture of Walt Disney smoke while you wonder around in Disneyland? No, you didn’t and you won’t find a single one.

Why is that? It’s because all of the cigarettes have been Photoshopped out.

Disney began removing the cigarettes from the pictures in an effort to hide their founder’s bad habit from people visiting Disneyland. The purpose was simple: Disneyland should not be related to smoking in any way. The only problem is that, while removing the cigarettes from the portraits, they were leaving Walt Disney with a strange “two finger point”: (the article continues after the ad)



Photos: Disney

These two finger point was creating another big problem: it had to be explained somehow, after all it’s not an everyday gesture. What did they do?

Well, Disney parks allegedly began training their employees to do the same thing! In 2015, a Disney employee speaking to the Huffington Post, confirmed the rumour:
“The action is seemingly innocuous at first, but it’s apparently a murky tribute to Walt Disney’s smoking habits — with the company side-stepping around the reason as to why the icon pointed that way,” writes HuffPo. “Though it’s been long speculated about, the anonymous employee was informed by a ‘lead’ that the strange gesture seen from cast members at Disney parks is actually based on Walt’s old smoking habit.”

But this continuous photoshopping of history and denial of the facts has drawn criticism, ultimately leading to a change in policy at Disney. In 2014, Joe Rogan posted yet another photo of Walt Disney with his cigarette photoshopped out, with the caption:
“Another shot of Walt Disney with his cigarette photoshopped out. They’ve recently discontinued this policy at Disneyland acknowledging the importance of being honest about cigarettes being the reason he died young.”

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