3 Fairy Tales You Won’t Believe Their Original Versions Are So Gruesome

We all love fairy tales. But as it turns out, it’s not always about princesses and happy endings. You might be surprised to know just how dark and scary the origins of some of our favorite fairy tales really are.

Here are the three most notable examples:

3. Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty origins
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In the original version of the story by Italian poet Basile (the known one is by Charles Perrault), instead of being woken by a gentle kiss, the Sleeping Beauty is roused back to life after being raped by the King and gave birth to two of his children while still unconscious. The curse is lifted when one of the children suckles her pricked finger.

When she wakes up, she falls in love with her rapist, but his wife becomes jealous and kidnaps her children, ordering the cook to kill and feed them to her husband. Luckily, the cook hides the children from the Queen and he serves them two lambs. During their meal, the wife tells the King he is eating of his own kids who gets upset and burns his wife alive. (the article continues after the ad)


2. Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood origins
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We all know the original version of the Little Red Riding Hood, but in other versions, the antagonist is a werewolf or an ogre, and leaves the blood and meat of the grandmother for Red to consume and unknowingly cannibalize her poor grandmother. 

Sweet dreams!


1. Bluebeard

bluebeard origins
Photo: The Spectator

This scary French story by Charles Perrault tells the tale of a violent nobleman with a distinctive blue beard who habitually murders his wives. Yes, it’s a fairy tale about a serial killer.

A beautiful girl is persuaded into marrying Bluebeard and unknowingly becomes his next victim. She is forbidden from exploring the rest of his château, but, out of curiosity, ends of discovering the blood-soaked room where he keeps the corpses of his past wives, all of whom are hanging on hooks from the wall. Luckily for our protagonist, she is saved by her brother before her husband can cut off her head. 

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