The Interesting Reason Why Our Eyes Get Red In Photos

Have you ever wondered why sometimes, when we take a picture, our eyes get red? And why it’s always red? Why it’s not, let’s say, blue or yellow?

Well, because i’m pretty sure a lot of you useless info junkies out there have been pondering this for years, here’s how this goes.

As it turns out, the “red eye” effect is actually caused by the blood vessels of our eyes! You see, when we take a picture with a flash that’s too close to our eyes, the light reflects off of the blood vessels at the back of our eye. The blood vessels cannot be normally seen because normal lighting conditions are too dim to light the insider of our eyes, but the flash on a camera is bright enough to do so. (the article continues after the ad)

The red eye effect is more often caused in darker environments and, the more open your pupils are, the more red eye effect you get in your photos.

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Photo: Wikimedia

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