If You Are Bad At Math It Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That You Have Poor Mathematical Skills

The title may sound a but misleading but it’s not: People with poor mathematical skills aren’t necessarily bad at math because they are ‘ungifted’. This is because there is a phenomenon called ‘Math Anxiety’ that makes people perform worse, which sometimes leads to math avoidance, which leads to lesser knowledge and consequently more Math anxiety.

Mathematics anxiety has been defined as anxiety and tension that interfere with the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations.

In a way, math anxiety is caused by the educational system. Research confirms that imposed authority, public exposure and time deadlines cause great deal of anxiety. According to a research by Sheila Tobias, millions of adults are blocked from professional and personal opportunities because of their fear for mathematics and for many, these negative experiences remain throughout their adult lives.

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Main Article Photo: CNN
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Sources: The Causes and Prevention of Math Anxiety

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