The Company That Gave $1,000 To Anyone Who Had Read Their Terms Of Service

Whenever we install a new software in our computer, signup for a service or basically do anything online, we are asked to agree to the Terms of Service (the famous End User License Agreement). But how many of us read anything before hitting that “I Agree” button?

Well, almost none of us. At least, this is what a software company’s experiment revealed.

A company called PC Pitstop hid a financial compensation in their End User License Agreement just to see if anyone would read it. After five months and over 3,000 sales later, somebody finally claimed the prize. Here’s the License Agreement: (the article continues after the ad)

Photo: PC Pitstop

1 out of 3,000!

Who knows what ridiculous EULAs have we agreed on all these years!

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Photo: PC Pitstop, PRO401(K) 2012 / Flickr
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