The Tennis Player Who Became No.3 In Wimbledon By Having A Breast Reduction

Simona Halep is a 27 year old tennis player. Back in 2007, when she was just 17 years old, she made, what appears to be, the most important decision of her career: she had a breast reduction surgery, going from 34DD to 34C!

The young Romanian did this to improve her reaction times and, according to her latest results, it turned out to be a pretty good move. Simona Halep is now seeded number 3 for Wimbledon, ahead of former champion Maria Sharapova.

At the time of her operation, she said of her breasts: ‘I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.’ (the article continues after the ad)

In another interview, she said: ‘A few years ago I was looking up the rankings on the internet and I saw I was on the fourth page. I said my dream was to be on the first page. Now I am there. I want to enjoy this moment but I want to improve more in my game and maybe be second or first.’

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Photo: Daily Mail, Celebrity Plastic Surgery Photos

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